Who are the Crafty Nerds?

The Crafty Nerds are three women that enjoy crafts. We have been in the business of making things to sell for a few years and are always trying to come up with new ideas. Everything we sell is hand made by us and our costumes are one of a kind.

We tour around the Mar Vista and West LA area selling at boutiques, craft fairs, and bazaars. Most often we can be found with the Mar Vista Arts and Crafts Collective which gathers on the first Sunday of each month at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Grandview at Venice Blvd.

Check our schedule of events or follow us on Facebook to see where you can find us next.

Featured Product:

Pocket Wonkies

A Pocket Wonkie is a little friend you can carry around with you tucked safely in your pocket. Each Wonkie is unique so find the friend meant for you!

Some Wonkies were born with button eyes and play well with older children, but for children under 2, there are Wonkies without. With or without, Pocket Wonkies make great friends.

Photo Albums

Items shown are samples only. All items made are one of a kind and we can not guarantee that a color or style will be available.